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Collection & observation of seaweeds
  By collecting and observing seaweeds found along the coastal areas, one will be able to see and to identify different types, forms and ecological distribution of seaweeds as well as their integration with the environment. By getting to know marine resources and learning to appreciate the beauty of nature, we will learn the importance of ecological and environmental protection.
Time Methods of collection Notes
  The tools used to collect samples should be light and small. They should be multi-purpose. Normally, tools used in algae collection include:

Seaweeds Net of Taiwan-flash

  1. Spoon and chisel to scrape or dig out the algae attached to rocks.
  2. A number of plastic bags or zip lock bags of different sizes.
  3. Plastic bottles for soft algae, sticky algae or algae that cannot be pressed.
  4. Scoop net to be used in lower littoral zone or areas susceptible to wave action.
  5. Gloves for hand protection.
  6. Rubber sole shoes or straw shoes to prevent slipping or getting hurt by rocks, or other sharp objects found on the sea bed.
  7. Paper labels, a notebook and pencils to record the date and location of collection, location of the alga and environmental conditions.
  8. Film and camera to record the environmental conditions in which the algae are found.
  9. If diving is required for collection, diving gear will be needed. This includes mask, snorkel, oxygen tank, scuba diving wet suit, BC and regulator, collection net and underwater camera.
  10. Other equipment: First aid kit.
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